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Runnalls Industries, along with the Ontario Water Works Association, Ontario Municipal Water Association, and the Ontario Water Works Equipment Association, is delighted to invite you to Windsor to attend Ontario’s Water Conference & Trade Show.

The Conference continues to be the premier drinking water event in Ontario, consistently attracting over 900 delegates from all areas of our industry: operators and owners, manufacturers and suppliers, consultants, academics and regulators. The Trade Show has more than 100 exhibitors representing the manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to the water industry. This is a great opportunity to network, and keep informed about technical, regulatory, and equipment development which affect the industry.

Runnalls will have our expert present, Danny Swalley. He will be speaking Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. under the “Distribution” program umbrella, on the history & current issues of metalized Zinc Coatings on Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP). Danny will be at our booth before and after his presentation. Come visit us to meet all our experts at Booth #422 OWWEA/OWWA.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Windsor!

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